01 Scope

Today students come to Google when they need help with homework, to understand concepts, to prepare for exams.

Design Description

This project works under the guidance of Google to research and develop concepts intended to inspire students’ learning opportunities.

we consider Google Search & Youtube and overall user experience when designing potential product ideas related to learning for school.

Design Challenge

How might Google Search and/or YouTube be the most helpful tools for high school and college students to learn for school?

Project Goals

1. Help students get unstuck, go beyond answers, and master subjects
2. Inspire students to learn, be curious, and pursue lifelong interests

Target User

Gen Z (13–24 years)
High School &College students

- Makes up  ~20%  of the global population

- Makes up  ~27%  of all internet users today

- Has spending power, with  ~11%  of global income today rising to ~30%. 10 years later $166-333BUS indirect household spending influenced by Gen Z

02 Design

Design Direction

“How might we help students gain more inspiration and access high quality educational videos from YouTube?”

“How might we help students find more inspiration and motivation, as well as organize information effectively while searching?”

“How might we help students customize and find their ideal virtual workspace to enhance efficiency and concentration?”

The project remains under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). If you would like to inquire further about the details, please feel free to reach out to me.

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