About the Project
During my time as a UI/UX design intern on the Salesforce Project Team at Fantasy Interactive agency, my primary responsibility was to redesign the Pricing Page and Category Overview Page for the Sales Cloud product. The final designs were implemented and are now live on Salesforce's official website. Please click button to see more.
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Project Overview
Salesforce is cloud-base CRM platform that enables businesses to manage their sales, marketing, and customer service activities. it offers close to a hundred products to choose from and still continue to gow. With a wide range of products offered, customers end up confused and unsure about which product could be right for them and have trouble narrowing down sales cloud offerings, ultimately pushing the user back in the journey.
Project Goal
The aim of this project was in line with both business objectives and user needs.
Design Challenge
Why Redesign - The problem of current overview page

Users want to understand how Salesforce can solve their specific business problems, but are currently presented with content fail to communicate the full capabilities of Sales Cloud to users

1. It’s unclear which products are included versus which are compatible add-ons, and how exactly Clouds work together

2. There is a disconnect in the relationship between the Anchor product and add-ons products, which poses a challenge for users  to understand how products work together

3. Users desire transparency and clarity around pricing, purchasing, implementation, and what to expect post-conversion.

The Design oppurtunity
When users are in the discovery phase and are seeking potential vendors, they often look for the overview page. Our examination of the journey map, combined with insights from the Jobs To Be Done research, led us to understand that when users consider a new vendor, product, or tool, their objective is to
Design Exploration
Competitive Analysis
Looking at other products about how to organize multi products

1. Organizes products by “solution.”Featuring products based on needs.
2. Toggle functionality keeps the module short, easy to peruse
3. Use straightforward labeling and similar styling
4. specific CTAs could help to set user expectations about trials/demos
Iteration process
Handoff & Guidence
After the visual design was finalized and validated by both users and stakeholders, we articulated the design functions within the CMS platform. We also established a UI library and set up breakpoint variations to assist developers and engineers in mastering the design.


Thoughts & Reflections

Other work